I Don't Smoke

A Non-Smoking Index.

Part One
Apollogia Acknowledgements etc.
Introduction The Intoduction
A Gardener's Attitude Setting the scene.
The Impetus Why noy give up.
The Beginning Terminology is Important
Creative Living Life is an ongoing process
Your Material Self Where does the body come into this?
Honesty You must be honest with yourself.
I Don't Smoke The major step.
A New Beginning Dawn always comes in gently.
Keeping the Faith You always have to believe in yourself.
Part Two
The After Sales Service Beginning the rest of your life.
Having Faith More about believing in yourself.
Be Patient Life is not a cup of instant soup.
Forgiveness Healing the inner self.
Effort A little always a helps.
Be Helpful Give yourself a chance.
Child-Like Living Adulthood and not adulthood.
Other Problems If smoking isn't the only problem.

A website with other useful links and information for those seeking to become a non-smoker is:- http://www.quitnet.org/library/

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