I Don't Smoke

Your Body is on Your Side

I believe that our bodies have an innate, to us deeply subconscious, ability to recognise what is good for them and a desire to acquire this. Unfortunately we live without having any contact with this deeper healthier self. Instead we normally live within our own minds only from the surface and or shallow subsurface depths. These are often little more than a garbage dump of old habits, fears and desires mixed up with other peoples ideas originating from, parents, schools, books, advertising slogans, popular songs and TV. If we give our deeper selves a chance to express themselves they will in most cases lead us to seek greater health automatically, although in the journey from here to there the exact particulars will be variable from person to person. It is a worthwhile mental exercise to think regularly about being in touch with your own innate sense of health. Ask your self questions like "How do I achieve this?" and "If I really do have an innate tendency to seek healthiness how can I let this express itself through me". The same guidelines for self questioning outlined earlier apply equally well here.

Remember that we are practising processes here, not chasing results, if we practice the correct processes the results will come. We are in the situation of travelling for the sake of the journey, yes the destinations are there and we will enjoy reaching them, but if we reach them without having lived the journey, without having perceived all the various wonders we encounter along the way, then the journey itself will be little more than wasted time. This failure to understand that the journey is as important, sometimes more important, than reaching the destination, is something that permeates much of modern society, you can end up living a life where, though you may spend time being in a large number of different places you never actually get anywhere. I will say this again. To get somewhere meaningful in life, be it physical or mental you need to live through the journey, to experience each step along the way, to undergo the changes that the journey entails, then you can arrive having fully participated in the whole of your life. I am a Non-smoker

The whole key to becoming a non-smoker, non-drinker etc. is, as I have already said, to accept mentally that a non-smoker is what you are. It may seem weird, strange or even totally useless but that is the answer. Being a non-smoker has to start somewhere, so why not here and now? The very fact that you have had a desire to give up smoking infers that, on some level, you already are a non-smoker.

Now we have a small exercise, I want you imagine yourself sitting right in the centre of your own being. Take a little time to imagine yourself moving through the layers of self until you are at the core of your being. Be there, observe yourself breathing for a couple of breaths, peacefully relaxed, centred. Then think and say to yourself.

I am a living person. I don't Smoke. I am a non-smoker.

Repeat this several times and observe yourself accepting this truth.

You can repeat this exercise whenever you feel like doing so, if you can do so once a day, perhaps just before breakfast, or any other time you can find a few moments peace, until you actually physically cease to smoke you would be giving yourself a great deal of help along the journey to becoming a self-realised non-smoker.

Well that was the hard bit, we have taken a first major step forward. Now you have to keep believing in your living self as being a non-smoker, any cigarettes you smoke will be recognised as the old smoking self still manifesting itself like an old skin you haven't finished shedding yet. The real living you is a non-smoker, and the more time you spend living as this non-smoking self the more real it will become for you. So when you are not smoking remember, think "This is the real me, a non-smoker and I am happy this way". Look after yourself.

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