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There will inevitably be a tendency for situations and circumstances to push you back towards who you were yesterday. You will be fully engrossed in your work or play, and, before you know what has happened, you are back thinking of yourself as you were. The everyday hassles and joys of life will pull you out of your centre and you will fall under the influence of older self images. This is not something to worry about. When you find this has happened gently remind yourself of who you are, return to your centre by remembering yourself as a non-smoker, and carry on with your life. Remember the important thing is remembering who you are, not necessarily being in control, or being physically perceivable as who you are.

I do not mean by this that you should be mentally conscious of yourself as 'I am a non-smoker' every second of the day. Just that whenever the opportunity arises you should remember that you are a non-smoker and return to being seated in this persona.

This is a gentle thing we a doing here, not an act of overt aggression in our own minds. Think of yourself as initiating a quiet rebellion that wins by being steadfast, patient and forgiving. These three attributes are the important support that you and your new non-smoking self will need in order to grow and live. Faith, patience and forgiveness. Practising them within, and on behalf of yourself, will eventually bring you great joy as these attributes inevitably tend to harmonise within you. Creating a peaceful and caring inner spiritual life that will be a blessing for years to come.

If you can find time to think about what has been said here in a few quiet moments each day you will be making things easier for yourself. Better still if you can also find time to read and think about some of the other books recommended at the end of this book. This whole book is focused towards giving up your bad habits as part of an over all change towards living a more healthy and happy life. An important part of being healthy is finding time to be quiet and relaxed without being asleep or under the influence of some drug or other. Time to allow yourself to observe the world and yourself without needing to make judgements or responses. Time to simply see what is happening around you is essential for proper mental development, which is probably why it is mentioned in so many self help books.

If you make time for quiet self observation and find yourself falling asleep this is your systems way of telling you need more sleep. Sleep is an important requirement of our systems self maintenance program, if we don't have sufficient sleep then we will not be functioning properly. Though eight hours is a good average time for sleep, different times in our lives will require more or less of us and it is good to let yourself have all the sleep you require. A healthy system will not over sleep. Do not be too concerned by how much sleep some doctor or book has said you need, your body knows how much sleep it needs and if you are honestly seeking mental and spiritual health, physical health will follow.

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