I Don't Smoke

Faith Again

Faith in yourself is important at all times. It is especially important, as I said before, in your relationship to yourself when you are going through a change in your life. Large changes can become, but do not have to be, a cause for disruption of your inner peace and balance. Actively accepting, and regularly remembering, that you are doing what you want to do, and that what you are doing is a good thing for you to be doing, will help you maintain your faith. Also you should know that you will be successful eventually. You are working in harmony with the life-force that runs through you, life is on your side. Practising a little gentle positive thinking is useful.

Becoming a non-smoker is a major change in your life, because you are not just combating the physical addiction of the nicotine but because you are putting yourself into conflict with all those aspects of self which include smoking within their remit of existence. Whole sets of actions and even most of the way you see the world can be tied into your smoking persona, smoking is a social action and one that many people use to measure the passage of time.

When you eventually succeed in being a non-smoker both physically as well as mentally you will be living from a new self. It is important that you have faith in this new persona as something beneficial to you right from the start.

A Little Thought

Whenever I need to feel more positive about myself I like to remember that I am a thoroughbred survivor, a pre-programmed winner in the game of life. Let me explain. In my imagination I look back at the procession of my ancestors trailing back to before the dawn of history and beyond. I realise that in order for me to exist (for me to have been born at all) each and everyone of them must have been a success in the game of life. Living strong energetic lives, protecting their kin and living to reproduce. To me this means that I am the descended from a long line of winners, that winning is bred into me, deep into the very core of my being from these countless generations who have been tested by life and awarded the laurels of champions.

Failures do not live to pass on their genes, do not get to reproduce and so can not be anybody's ancestors. Therefore, axiomatically, I must be descended from people who have realised their own success, this I believe explains why I naturally tend to be a success myself. This applies as well to you as it does to me of course. I imagine each of my ancestors living in my past, upholding me, each one a small light telling me - I CAN. This is a very reassuring thought to have now and again when things are looking a little dark.

This book is not about the benefits of positive thinking, that has already been well covered in other literature. However choosing to think positively rather than negatively is a good mental exercise and will be beneficial to all your other mental endeavours.

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