I Don't Smoke

Keeping the Faith

Faith is an important mental attribute, it keeps doors open in your mind and allows you to maintain a positive hopeful attitude while living through a state, or time, of change. Which ultimately is your whole life, although the nature of the changes also change, change itself is a concomitant aspect of life. This relates well to the thoughts on childlike living that are expressed towards the end of the book.

You should be loyal to this your new self and think of it as being who you are whenever possible. Your mind is an environment, an environment where ideas, feelings, thoughts, loves, desires and hates all compete for your attention. All of them desirous of having you make them real by letting your Isness reside in them. Who or what you give your attention to in your own mind is important. It is important because it determines the forces and attitudes that rule in your mind. These are the same forces that afflict you during your everyday living.

Now that you are a non-smoker it is important that you accept this as who you are as much as possible, be this persona whenever you can, give it a chance to grow and work for you.

Remember even when you are physically smoking you can still be thinking to yourself, "this is not me, this is not who I really am. I am a non-smoker". "I have been a non-smoker since dd/mm/yy". "I am now a non-smoker forever". Or perhaps "I have always been a non-smkoer really."

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