Lake Kerkini: A Greek Wonderland

Project Kerkini

Project Kerkini is the name I have given to the my efforts to generate a reasonably competent biodiversity list for Lake Kerkini and its associated Nature Reserve. The project really started in the Autumn of 2003 although I did some of the initial collecting in the Spring and Summer of 2001.

The project has grown immensely since it started, and seems to have a life of its own, however it is entirely dependent on the voluntary efforts of numerous scientists, both professional and amateur all across Europe. It has had its ups and downs, we lost one of the first malaise traps to an unknown thief within a month of setting it up, the replacement we made suffered several bouts of vandalism before it died and finances have been a constant problem however despite all this the project has been a success.

The work is on going and there are many groups of insects, as well as other invertebrates just waiting for an expert to look at them.If you are interested in entomological, or other invertebrate specimens from the nature reserve, please contact me at

My heartfelt thanks are extended to all of the following for general help and support:-
Theodoros Nazaridis for his constant friendly help and companionship, and for supporting the project in every way he can. (He's the boss.)
Costas Papadopoulos and Eleni Geniou for warm friendship, for giving me space in their office and for supporting me in many other ways.
Yannis Kalogeroudis (from An.E.Ser) for acquiring a microscope and 1,000 Euros worth of entomological equipment for me to use.
Guido Van de Weyer from Belgium for arranging for the first two Malaise traps and for helping find many of the subsequent assisting experts.
Max Barclay of the NHM in London for supplying, through the NHM, the second two Malaise traps.
Roy McCormick for supplying the light-trap at cost.
George Catsadorakis for the loan of the Longworth Small Mammal Traps.
Makis Paskalidis and his wife for sewing up the replacement Malaise trap.
Stratos Milonas for sewing up the mini-Malaise trap.
Mr Goudi for making two free insect store boxes for me.
Eleni Papathatou for teaching me how to set up mist-nets and how to handle bats.

In Particular I also need to thank and praise the generosity and professionalism
of all the scientists involved.


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