Lake Kerkini: A Greek Wonderland

The Fish List

The extant fish list for Lake Kerkini is old and out of date. Below I have tried to present a list of the fish that are currently using the lake and those parts of the river that are within the nature reserve. Wels (Silurus glanis), Eel (Anguilla anguilla) and Pike (Esox lucius), are still on the list, although very few have been caught in the last few years, one 12cm Esox in 8 years for instance. Sander (Stizostedion leucioperca), Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) and Rainbow Trout (Onchorhychus mykiss), are now considered to be extict as far as the reserve is concerned, (partly because the dam prevents migration), however Eel and Pike may occur in the river down stream of the lake. Caucasian Goby (Knipowitschia causcasica) is on the list but is a bit of an enigma, as it is normally only found in brakish, coastal waters, and I have found nobody who has ever seen a specimen here. The picture above amply demonstrates the problem that the introduced Carassius auratus presents to the local fishermen, comercially it is worth far less than its relative Carassius carassius.

Lake Kerkini Fish List
Scientific NameCommon Name
1 Abramis bramaCommon Bream
2 Alburnoides bipunctatus strymonicusSchneider
3 Alburus alburnus strumicaeCommon Bleak
4Aphanius fasciatusFasciated Tooth-carp
5 Aspius aspiusAsp
6 Barbatula barbatulaStone Loach
7 Barbus barbusCommon Barbel
8 Barbus cyclolepsis strumicaeTurkish Barbel
9 Carassius auratus gibelioGoldfish
10Carassius carassiusCommon Carp
11 Chondrostoma nasusCommon Nase
12 Chondrostoma vardarensisVardar Nase
13 Cobitis stumicaeStrumica Loach
14 Cobitis taeniaSpined Loach
15 Gambusia affinis halbookiMosquito Fish
16 Gobio gobio bulgaricusCommon Gudgeon
17 Lepomis gibbosaPumpkin Seed
18Leucaspius delineatusBelica
19 Leuciscus borysthenicusBlack Sea Chub
20 Leuciscus cephalus macedonicusCommon Chub
21 Orthrias brandti burschi ??????
22 Perca fluviatalisPerch
23 Pseudorasbora parvaFalse Harlequin
24 Rhodeus sericeus amarusBitterling
25 Rutilus rutilisRoach
26 Scardinius erythrothalmusRudd
27 Silurus glanisWels
28 Tinca tincaTench
29 Vimba melanopsDark Vimba
30 Esox luciusPike
31 Anguilla anguillaEel

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