Lake Kerkini: A Greek Wonderland

The Reptile List

The list below is probably pretty complete, excepting possible name changes due to taxonomic revisions or splits. The most frequently seen reptiles here are the two species of Natrix and the Green lizards, Hermann's Tortoise is also pretty common. However many of the others are relatively easy to find as well and there presence adds much to the beauty of the countryside.

Scientific NameCommon Name
1 Emys orbicularisPond Terrapin
2 Mauremys caspicaStripe-necked Terrapin
3 Testuda hermanniHermann's Tortoise
4 Testuda graecaSpur-thighed Tortoise
5Ablepharus kitaibelii Snake-eyed Skink
6 Anguis fragilisSlow Worm
7 Cyrtodactylus kotschyiKotschy's Gecko
8 Hemidactylus turcicusTurkish Gecko
9 Lacerta trilineataBalkan Green Lizard
10)Laceta viridisCommon Green Lizard
11 Ophisaurus apodusEuropean Glass Snake
12 Ophisops elegansSnake-eyed Lizard
13 Podacris erhardiiErhard's Wall Lizard
14 Podacris tauricaBalkan Wall Lizard
15 Typhlops vermicularis Worm snake
16 Eryx jaculusSand Boa
17 Coluber caspiusLarge Whip Snake
18 Coluber najadumDahl's Whip Snake
19 Coronella austriacaSmooth Snake
20Elaphe longissimaAesculapian Snake
21Elaphe quatuorlineataFour-lined Snake
22 Elaphe situlaLeopard Snake
23 Malpolon monspessulanusMontpellier Snake
24 Natrix natrixGrass Snake
25 Natrix tessalataDice Snake
26Telescopus fallaxCat Snake
27Vipera ammodytesHorn-nosed Viper

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