Lake Kerkini: A Greek Wonderland

The Amphibian List

At times the amphibians are the most noticeable wild animals here after the birds. In particular Rana ridibunda is extremely numerous and plays an important role in the food-chain. Its chorus are so constant and so loud in the spring that sometimes they make listening for warblers around the marshes quite difficult. Green toads and common toads are also common, although the green toad is easier to find. Eastern Spade-foot is best found in March when it is spawning. The best way to find Fire Salamandars is to go walking through the forest in the rain in summer.

The Lake Kerkini Amphibian List
Scientific NameCommon Name
1Bombina variegataYellow-bellied Toad
2Bufo bufoCommon Toad
3Bufo viridisGreen Toad
4Hyla arboreaTree Frog
5Pelobates syriacusEastern Spade-foot
6Rana dalmatinaAgile Frog
7Rana greacaStream Frog
8Rana ridibundaPool Frog
9Salamandra salamandraFire Salamnder
10Triturus cristatusCrested Newt
11Triturus vulgarisNewt

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