Lake Kerkini: A Greek Wonderland

Nestled picturesquely between two separate mountain ranges in the centre of Northern Greece is Lake Kerkini, one of the true jewels of European birding and the core of a Nature Reserve that is a relatively unexplored wonderland of beauty and biological diversity.

I am in the vicinity of dreams here beside this lake.
Fantasies of a life that is simply lived
flow in the quiet air above the tepid,
slowly-moving waters.
Gently they waft into my eyes,
allowing me to see,
Peacefulness is here
amongst the reeds,
drifting over the water lilies
which are draped across the shallows
like old paint, cracked and peeling
into the sun-loved air.
Here, where Ardeola stands
like the finger of some drowning God
momentarily pointing the way to life,
to freedom and to peace, peace
for my fact-and-technology-blinded mind,
Podiceps cristata looks beneath the weeds
for what she needs, and nothing more.
Live they cry,
these quiet echoes of my sight.
Be and be blessed in the riches that are free,
like the frogs and the dragonflies,
real and alive
                             for all their lives.

In The Vicinity of Dreams,
by Gordon Ramel,
as published in Numbat Poetry Magazine.


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